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Schule der Zukunft  



Anne-Frank School is a cosy state-run school with approximately 1200 pupils situated in Münster on Manfred-Von-Richthofen-Straße, near to the Franziskus hospital and the tax offices.  We are in close contact with the hospital, the local old people's home, and children's home as well as many kindergartens, nurseries, schools and other institutions in and around Münster.


Anne-Frank School offers special training programmes which prepare pupils for working with people. We offer training courses in food technology and domestic science. We also offer courses in health and social care. Moreover, pupils are trained in both practical and theoretical skills enabling them to become qualified florists, cosmeticians, tailors and hairdressers.

Alongside our normal training programme we give working men and women the opportunity to attend our evening classes.

During your training here you will be able to gain qualifications on different academic levels and we feel that modern training always goes well with taking responsibilities.

Our school is named in memory of Anne-Frank, to remind our pupils of the crimes against humanity during the Nazi Regime, and we take this as an obligation to do all we can to ensure that it will never happen again.  We also feel it is our duty to support each pupil individually, creating a pleasant atmosphere in school, in which pupils of different backgrounds and cultures can feel at ease.

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Manfred-von-Richthofen-Str. 39

48145 Münster

T 0251 - 39 29 040

F 0251 - 3929 04 49

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oder info@anne-frank-berufskolleg.de


Mo-Do 7.30-11.45 Uhr
        12.45-15.15 Uhr
Fr       7.30-11.45 Uhr
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